Canada has become a home for many people from all over the world whether if they are immigrants, the people that are already living there, and the ones that are seeing Canada as a reason for their career’s prosperity. Canada is a hub for many businesses that reside under the jurisdiction of the government and provide people the satisfaction of exchanging the phenomenon of import and export that is better than any other country of this world. Canada provides security terminologies to not only the people that have become an honorable citizen of the country but also provides the same security infrastructure to the people that have immigrated recently and are opting for better reasons to stay and start their business productively.

However, if you are opting towards finding reasons to switch from where you are living towards Canada for the prosperity of your career. As well as, for the prosperity of your family then you must opt towards the set of steps that will help you switch to Canada effectively and make sure that you apply for Canadian citizenship and Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai and Australian immigration consultants in Dubai with better working infrastructure productively.

These sets of steps are in the section below:

  1. In the first step, it is your solemn duty that you look forward to the eligibility criteria of the country’s working and providing infrastructure. 
  2. You must be capable of living in Canada and must be a permanent resident of the country.
  3. In the second step, you must calculate the days and the hours for whom you have been living under the premises of Canada as if you are opting towards becoming eligible, you must be living for at least 1,095 days or 5 years under the jurisdiction of the government of Canada. 
  4. You can also calculate the time for which you are living in Canada by using an online calculator that will help in the conversion of years to days and days to hours productively.
  5. In the third step, you must acquire all the important documents to apply for getting the Canadian citizenship. 
  6. You must provide the online physical presence calculation document to the Canadian government. 
  7. It also includes the biographical pages at where you must provide your passport copy, name, photo, your travel/passport number, its issue date, and its expiry date respectively.

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Monday, Aug 3, 2020