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Full Time vs. Part Time Maid


One cannot imagine life without maids because they help us in the day to day tasks, making our lives comfortable. Some maids work part time and some are full- time workers. Maids are either available independently or they get jobs through an employment agency or become the permanent employees of cleaning companies. Whatever way a maid works, she either charges monthly with a fixed salary or she charges on an hourly basis. Maids per hour in Dubai are very common because people find it easy to pay them. Dubai is an expensive country and most of the rich people hire educated maids with special manners. Some families also hire maids just to take care of their kids.

Fulltime maids have certain benefits like you don’t have to worry about finding a maid every time you need cleaning. Your home or offices remains maintained all the time with a fulltime servant. You can also assign a servant quarter to a fulltime helper who will be available even at night. You can pay a fixed salary and can get multiple tasks the entire week. Most of fulltime maids work from morning to evening and handle everything related to cleaning, management, getting and providing the stock. Some people find the fulltime maids more reliable and secure. But some other people find them expensive.

The part-time maids are really suitable for those who need them for a few hours. Maids per hour are mostly the part-timers. There are also some maids who work part-time but get a monthly salary or bi-weekly wages. Part-time servants are ideal for small homes or offices where people cannot afford expensive maids. Students or single people also like to have part-time maids for their rooms because they can pay them easily. It is more convenient to get a maid anytime you want, pay them as per hour, and get hassle-free cleaning. You don’t have to keep an eye on a maid all the time. The homeowner can enjoy his or her own space with a part-time maid. The part-time jobs also help several students or mothers work as part timer maids and get a good compensation.

The whole discussion shows that maids are always useful no matter if you hire them for a little time or for the whole day. You just need to evaluate your needs, timings, and affordability, then contact a good cleaning company. Visit prettyhomeuae.com for more information.

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How to pick the right health insurance in Dubai for your dependents?


From your kids to your folks and your servant, here’s the manner by which to guarantee they have the most ideal therapeutic care. Dealing with medical coverage for your dependents can be confusing, from managing another conceived child to safeguarding your folks or a cleaning specialist – the tenets are distinctive over the UAE. Regardless of whether you have to sort out protection yourself or your boss has to work it out for you, given below are a few elements that require dire attention when you are looking to provide cover and the best health insurance in Dubai for those who depend on you:

Rules of UAE Medical Insurance Change Depending on the Location

For the past 10 years or so, it has been obligatory in Abu Dhabi for bosses to give restorative protection to all representatives and their dependents – unless there are way too many people in your family. It is basically down for the employers to decide whether they wish to provide insurance for more than three kids or not.

In Dubai, starting a year ago, it has been required for bosses to provide payments for restorative cover for their representatives. Dubai law expresses that all dependents, including local labourers, must be secured for essential medical coverage – however, the obligation lies with the visa support.

When it comes to the northern emirates, which includes Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain – the law does not require organizations to give restorative protection to their workers, let alone to dependents. They can give cover however are will undoubtedly do as such. In this regard, a detailed Federal Law was initiated back in the year 2013 and has since been under review by the Ministry of Finance.

Further information about basic plans

There are two different plans being offered currently in Abu Dhabi for expatriates. First, there is the thiqa for Emiratis, whereas a basic plan is available too for those living in the emirate. Both of these are being offered by The National Health Insurance Company (Daman). On the other hand, there are about 12 organizations in Dubai that offer the Essential Benefits Plan.

All workers that are offered the Abu Dhabi Basic Plan need to pay at least half of the protection arrangement’s premium for their dependents (spouse and three youngsters). Apart from that, they are also required to completely bear the expenses for guardians.

What amount am I secured for under an essential arrangement?

By law, the most extreme cover per individual per annum for UAE medical insurance is AED150,000 in Dubai. On the other hand, the amount has the potential to go up to Dh250,000 in Abu Dhabi. However, what needs to be mentioned is that this amount might not go far on account of a crisis or continuous treatment.

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Knowing All About You Moving Company


Moving from one place to another is never easy. Though it sounds simple, you should ask those who have been through the process and they’ll tell you the ups and downs of the process. Keeping this in mind, there are several things you need to take care of before you even think of moving to another place. That said, you need to keep a number of things in mind as well. Firstly, you are not going to leave your current place overnight, it will take some time to do so. Also, just as moving takes time, same is the case with people. Here, it makes sense to bear in mind that there are people out there who don’t pay attention of the needs of moving. Suffice to say that people who don’t pay enough attention to their moving needs and as a result they end up hiring a moving company that doesn’t match their needs. If you are out there looking for the best moving companies in Dubai, you should pay attention to a number of factors beforehand. Here is more on why you should know more about the moving company you intend to hire:


The first thing you should note about the moving company is the licensure. You don’t want to hire a service that has a shady reputation in the market or is not known at all. In both cases, it makes little sense to hire these services when you know they don’t hold a license. Keep in mind that sometimes these companies may not be at fault, rather they’ve applied for license but it got delayed somehow. On the other hand, there are some entities that don’t acquire license on purpose as they are looking to milk more customers. These entities know they are intentionally looking to provide questionable services and often offer deep discounts to attract more customers as well. It is up to you to keep an eye on such companies and always look for the one that enjoys a great reputation in the market.

Numbers Of Active Service

If a moving company has been active in the market of a number of years, chances are that this company has had a lot of experience. Dealing with customers’ day in and day out has made them rock solid. They know how to satisfy customers and will do it at all costs. When they do, they’ll offer you the best quality services.

Just make sure you look for reputable relocation companies in Dubai before finalizing one.

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How to get a discount at massage centres in Dubai


When you are planning your trip to Dubai, you will be sure to look for the best value for your money. There will be some things that the tour company will book for you, but there will be other things that you will have to book for yourselves. Now you can easily make sure that you are saving a lot of money just through savvy booking techniques, so here are some tips on how you can get the best discounts when you are booking these things in Dubai.

One of the best things that a tourist can visit while in Dubai is a good massage centre in Bur Dubai. These are renowned the world over for their amazing service, their attitude towards the clients and their great techniques that have been imported from around the world. So it is no small wonder that people who book these massage centres for relaxation have to pay top dollar for their services. However, you can get a discount for their services if you are savvy enough.

When you are planning your trip to Dubai, make sure that you are checking out all of the websites of tour companies even if you have already booked your service. While browsing these websites you will be presented with various ads. Keep an eye on the ads and be on the lookout for the ads which advertise Bur Dubai massage centres. You may have to visit a number of websites before you find a  premium massage parlour being advertised, as there are many massage centres in the area, but only a few of them are truly premium centres.

When you visit website of any tour company and you find an ad of Bur Dubai running in the banner section, you should click the ad and it will take you to the website of the massage centre. However, you will be offered a discount which you can avail of that single visit. IF you are lucky that discount can be of up to 15-20%. So you should book your massage and treatment through eh website there and then.

Another unique idea is to create a Google alert which will notify you whenever these massage centres are offering their services at a discounted rate. So from the time, you plan your trip, to the time you arrive, if your Google alert pings, you will be able to book the massage at a discounted rate.

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What New Moms Need To Know About The Fourth Trimester


Motherhood does not stop by giving birth to a child. In fact, it is just the start of everything. Once your little one comes into this world, your journey to motherhood will begin. For some mothers, this is what they call the “fourth trimester”. The first three months after childbirth is the adjustment period that every mother goes through.


For some mothers, it is a smooth-sailing adjustment. But for most mothers, this period is definitely one of the hardest three months they went through. During this phase, mothers would be dealing a lot of issues that come with the motherhood territory. Here are some of the issues that expectant mothers would need to deal with during the fourth trimester phase:


  • Postpartum depression (PPD)


Postpartum depression is prevalent amongst women who gave birth. Unfortunately, this problem is often not addressed due to the stigma surrounding this condition. Most people think that post-partum depression is just a normal phase that moms can get over with in a snap. But the truth is, dealing with this condition varies and is a case-to-case basis. Some women are able to handle their PPD issues and some find it hard to grapple with sadness surrounding motherhood.


If you feel a deep-bone loneliness during this stage, do not be afraid to seek help. Make your loved ones aware of your feeling and what you are dealing with so they will be able to help you with your PPD.


  • Breastfeeding


Nursing your little can be a rewarding experience for you and your baby. However, breastfeeding can be a tumultuous experience for some mothers. The usual problems that mothers encounter during their breastfeeding journey is the lack of milk supply and problems with latching. To help prepare for this eventuality, be sure to educate yourself about the fundamentals of breastfeeding – from food to eat to increase milk supply to proper breastfeeding positions. There are also agencies providing breastfeeding and babysitting service in Dubai that help mothers deal with their breastfeeding issues.





  • Childcare


Newborn babies are very fragile. Since their immune system is not yet fully developed, there is a high chance that they will contract diseases and ailments. Add to that is their fragile body that should be handled with care. Like breastfeeding, you need to educate yourself in proper childcare. If the task is too much for you to handle, let qualified nannies in Dubai take care of your little one in the first few months.


  • Self-care


The first three months after childbirth can be hard for mom since they are still recovering from child delivery and labor. Added to that is the task of taking good care of their little ones. It would be best for new moms to give themselves time to rest so they can take good care of their baby as well.

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Reasons To Hire A Rent A Car Service In Dubai


As with anything in life, people want the best always. The same rule applies to rent car. You don’t want to rent an ordinary car when you are in Dubai. This city is so lavish and enjoyable that you would do anything to make sure you get the best deal. There is no denying the fact that Dubai is one of most beautiful, modern and lucrative destination in the world. it is for this reason that you see tourists flocking into Dubai day in and day out. There seems to be no stopping them, rather the government of Dubai is all arms for these tourists. Time and again you see new policies and incentives being introduced. It seems as if the government is willing to make Dubai the most tourist centric policies and what not. No other country in the region takes so many steps to enhance the tourism and investment in the city. As such, with so many lucrative policies on the cards, rest assured that Dubai is only going to get more exposure in years to come. When we talk about a huge metropolitan place like Dubai, we tend to overlook a few things that should be looked into. Among other things, you cannot visit the whole city in a cab. You need something more, a service that stays with you as long as you keep paying for it. Such services don’t ask anything before you instruct the driver to take you to a certain place. Here is more on why daily car rentals in Dubai are your best and safest bet:

Luxury Car Or SUV With Driver

How many times you’ve driven a luxury car or an SUV in life? Your rental car service is more than willing to provide you with one. All you need to do is to fill the form and show that you are eligible for the ride. Once you are done with the initial requirements, the service will ask what package interests you most.

You will also get a firsthand look into different vehicles. This will facilitate your decision to rent a vehicle that you deem will fit your needs. The driver is optional so you are free to choose one with your ride. Most customers prefer a ride with a driver as it takes off the burden of driving the car. Your driver is there to take care the driving, while you can enjoy the ride. Go anywhere in the ride and see the city from a different perspective.

Go to website to learn more about car rental companies in Dubai and pick your favorite ride today.

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Add value to your home with landscaping


If your home does not have a landscape design, you can improve the overall value of your property by including some plants, trees, and flowers etc. Not only that, this is also going to let you enjoy your home all the more all through the time that you live there. However, you need to bear in mind the basic fact that the plants and flowers that you choose is going to depend on your region. If you want to make a bit of profit, you can also consider adding in edible items.

Property Value

If you have just acquired a brand new home, it probably doesn’t have a landscape design Dubai. You will have to add it yourself or hire a specialist to do the job for you. Homes with plants, flowers, and trees are more valuable because they appear pleasant, lavish, and have an extraordinary bit of charm. If you have two houses that are exactly alike in terms of their overall appearance, number of bed rooms and bathrooms, and region, the one with the best garden will definitely be considered the best. You don’t have to place fully grown vegetation, you can spend less by purchasing smaller ones and allowing them to grow in your garden. Not only would the nurseries around you be willing to plant these for you, they will also offer a guarantee over them for a particular period of time.

Consider your region

You must arrange your landscape designs in sync with the area you reside in. Certain vegetation and trees that flourish in one place will shrivel in others. You can find out the best vegetation by visiting your local nurseries, going online to research local vegetation, and looking in your neighbours’ gardens to see what’s growing well. Make sure that you pay ample attention to this particular element.

Edible Gardening

If you’re going to place plants and flowers, you might as well add some delicious edible plants as well. If you plant grapefruit, apricot, or apples, you can improve the overall value of your property and nourish yourself simultaneously. In your flowerbeds, you can also put in squash plants so that you collect zucchini to eat for the same amount of effort and water. You can additionally grow grapevines over trellises for shade and hanging fruit. These would work wonders over your line wall blocks. Click here for more information.

With the addition of a bit of landscaping, you can make it look beautiful and improve its overall value at the same time. Your home will have an exquisite charm and be the first to sell when you have older vegetation and shrubs surrounding it. Be sure to take note of the local vegetation in your area so you’ll know which flourish the best in your area.

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Mistakes You Should Not Do When Buying a Mattress


When it’s the time to buy a mattress, people often make a mistake of devaluing their decision. They don’t understand the importance of the decision they are making. When they don’t understand the real importance of their decision, they end up buying a mattress which gives them nothing other than dissatisfaction and yes then they bear the pain for years and years.

You need to consider one thing that, people spend most of their time on the mattress, especially home-makers keep on using the mattress on and off. It is very important that you choose wisely when you opt for buying a mattress. Usually, people love to buy spring mattress, if you too are willing to buy it you can check for spring mattress price in UAE but yes you need to see if this type of mattress is suitable for you or not. Do not opt for a mattress that gives you nothing but dissatisfaction in long term.

There are some mistakes which people do while buying a mattress; they have to avoid those mistakes if they want to but a perfect mattress.

Your sleep type

We all don’t sleep the same way; we are different so are sleeping style is. What position makes you feel comfortable doesn’t make another person feel comfortable. You should not settle for what comes your way, you need to be choosy while buying a mattress for yourself. Best thing to do is that you should tell the salesperson about your sleeping style, only he can guide you in a better way. He can guide you regarding the mattress that suits your sleeping style the best.

Test the mattress

People lean on the mattress in different positions, don’t be shy while testing the mattress, you need to lie down on the mattress to see if that mattress is comfortable for your sleeping style, test the mattress for few minutes. When you will test the mattress, you will get to know whether you should buy that mattress or not. Suppose you are willing to buy latex mattress in Dubai, now the latex mattress doesn’t suit everyone. Maybe it will suit you or maybe it won’t suit you. It all depends on the way you sleep. Testing the mattress may sound funny to you but yes, this thing can save you from the huge loss. So, it is very important that you choose wisely!

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Things To Know About Car Tint Deals


Summers are becoming hotter and people have started to find measures to seek protection from it. During this time of year, you begin looking for measures to protect your car. Though some people do not think of it as important, majority of people know how much their car is worth in terms of value. As such, they are itching to invest in measures to keep the vehicle protected. Adding a quality, attractive and colorful tint to your car is one such measure. Whether you knew it or not, there are a number of car tinting deals Dubai available here. It all comes down to what type of deal you want for your car and your tint dealer will likely provide you with one. Here is more on why finding the best car tinting deal is so valuable for you as well as your car:

Make A List

A quick survey of the market is all it takes to get in the know about the type of car tinting deals available in town. Residents of Dubai enjoy several benefits for hiring a suitable car tint dealer as compared to other states. The reason for this has more to do with the availability of hundreds of car tinting dealers available. In fact, Dubai has almost twice as many car-tinting dealers compared to other states in the UAE. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense for you to compile a list of several reputable car-tinting providers.


In case you did not know, every car tint dealer is liable to provide a casual estimate about how much will the window tinting process will cost you. Naturally, the buyer would be looking to have the best tint available for the least money. On the other hand, the seller would be itching to sell the tint for more money. In other words, the battle for cost and quality will continue. It comes down to which tint dealers you end up having in your list. Not all dealers care for money, some of the dealers believe in customer satisfaction. As a result, they will facilitate you in your requirements and will provide a realistic estimate about how much the process will cost. In addition, in case of contracting any third-party vendor, they will let you know about the possible beforehand to eradicate any possibilities of confusion or misunderstanding.

Keep these tips in mind to find a quality and affordable window tinting Dubai company for your car.

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Get your windows tinted for these reasons


Car wrapper using heat gun and squegee for tinting window

Getting car window tints is one of the most famous add-ons these days that has gained immense popularity across the world. The fact of the matter is that window tinting has countless benefits to offer, which is the main reason why it has gained such immense fame.


A major misconception that we have these days is that it is necessary for window to be excruciatingly dark so that it is effective. That is as far from the truth as it can get and things do not necessarily work that way. Yes, darker tints do tend to offer a better heat rejection benefit, but the fact of the matter is that these are more particularly meant to assist with privacy.


The fact of the matter is that nobody wants to swear in their car. The best part about car tinting in Dubai is that apart from helping with heat rejection, it further has the potential to assist with UV light rejection. Believe it or not, most tinting films offer up to a full 100% rejection of YV rays. Apart from that, getting the windows of your car tinted has the potential to give your car that cool custom look. Believe it or not, but a majority of cars shown in TV advertisements these days are also tinted. In a majority of cases, even the windshield has car window tints applied on to it. If anything, the one thing for sure is that cars that have their windows tinted tend to have a much better look and feel to them. Their overall appearance is definitely a whole lot better.


Another benefit that you can reap by opting for car tinting deals Dubai is that of higher fuel efficiency. The fact of the matter is that windows that are tinted go a long way in terms of keeping the interiors of the car much cooler. What this means is that the air conditioning system of your car will not have to work as hard to keep the interiors cool. This will definitely assist with the conservation of fuel. In the long run, this will help you save up on a significant amount of money. Apart from that, it will also go a long way in terms of helping you avoid glare. What this means is that getting the windows of your car tinted will also help you assure that you drive in a safe and sound manner.

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5 Unknown Fun Facts About Armored Car


Armored cars fascinates lots of car enthusiasts. And it is not surprising as the build and made of these kind of vehicle attracts car lovers. But there are also much interesting facts about armored vehicles that might attract you more to it:


  1. It can function and run even with deflated tires

One good thing about armored vehicles it can function even in most dire situation, even with flat tires. While some vehicles became useless when they encounter a deflated tire, an armored vehicle is not. Even with holes on its tires, the performance of armored cars is not less since there is a plastic lining that hugs the inside of the tire, allowing it to function as it is. In the event that the armored car is shot on the tire, passengers can still get away if needed. Armored cars are built not just for offensive but for defensive as well.


  1. Armored cars are heavy as a small whale

This is the reason why not all vehicles can be converted to armored vehicles. Armored cars Dubai manufacturers made can weigh up to 27 tons which is a weight of a small whale. The reason? The materials used for armored cars are heavy-duty materials designed to protect the people inside the vehicle. The linings, tires, and other car parts are thicker to endure any attack on the vehicle. But if even the parts weights more than the usual, this would not affect the driving performance of the car as the engine is also built to carry heavy loads.


  1. It started as a school bus

Armored cars humble beginnings started with school buses. Back then, mobsters are known to armor their vehicle to terrorize the town and used to get away from law enforcement. To be able to retaliate and protect themselves, law enforcement began converting school buses to armored cars and trucks. They added steel plates and bars to the vehicle to cover themselves when being attacked by mobsters.


  1. It delays impending threats

It is true that armored vehicles can withstand tough situations but it also has its limits. But what’s good about this is that once the attack ensues, the passengers are given more time to think about their next move. Compared to normal vehicles that has less protection and susceptible to initial attacks, armored cars will be able to use as a defensive protection and let the passengers get away before further attack is made.


  1. It saves lives of soldiers

Armored cars are not only used by high profile individuals, but also by law enforcement and soldiers as well. It was reported that it was able to save the lives of 200 American soldiers during the Iraq war.

Click here to know more about armored vehicles.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Energy Systems


You are surely known to this, from where you get the solar energy. Off course the answer is really simple you get the solar energy from the sun. The radiation that comes from the sun gives you solar energy. Well still there is a debate related to the power of solar energy. Do you know that an hour’s energy of the sun is sufficient for n year? If not then it’s time for you know that if you get an hour energy of the sun, it is sufficient enough to provide you electricity throughout the year.

There are so many solar energy companies out there even you can find a good solar energy company in UAE. People like to cut the cost, the energy they use they have to pay for that energy. Now if they will use solar energy that will be so beneficial for them because it will cut the cost of electricity.

You think that there are only pros of solar energy system, well if you are thinking that then you are wrong as there are some cons of it as well. Here you will get to know about its positive and negative aspects.

Positive Aspects

When you talk about the renewable energy resources then surely you can count on the sun power. Off course sun is always there so you can access the energy anytime. If you think that you can run out on solar energy then you are wrong, since sun is there you don’t have to worry about the solar energy. Some of the positive aspects of solar energy are.

Electricity Bill

You definitely need energy to light up your house. To meet the energy needs it is better o find o the alternative way, the best is to go for the solar energy. Solar energy decreases your electricity bills. Now when it will reduce the electricity bill, you will be paying less for the energy consumed and you will save money from it.

Maintenance Cost

Another amazing benefit you get is that the maintenance cost is always low. You don’t have to spend much.

Negative aspects

Some of the negative aspects are


Well when you think of buying a solar energy system then you have to bear the huge cost. As the cost of solar energy is high, you have to pay high price for it. You can buy solar panels in Dubai but yes you have to pay a higher price.

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Car Wraps Myths Debunked


Lots of company owners are still having hesitations on putting wraps on their company vehicles. The reason can be cited to unproven opinions and beliefs about car wraps. On the contrary, car wraps have their benefits and advantages.

If you are still having second thoughts on installing car wraps on your vehicle, car wrap Dubai companies compiled a list of myths and expose the truths behind them.

  1. Can damage your car paint


This is the main reason why lots of car owners are on the fence about putting vehicle wraps on their automobiles. The misconception is that, it can damage or chip the paint and coating of your car. But no need to worry. Car wraps are made specifically to complement the composition of car paints. They do not leave impressions and that disgusting sticker imprints on your car. In fact, it can be used to protect your vehicles. It can help protect your car from dust, pollutants and sunlight that can damage your vehicle.


  1. Can be hard to remove


Another misconception that many thought of car wraps is that it is very hard to remove. But in reality, they are pretty easy to lift and dismantle from your car. The adhesive of these wraps is made with the removal process in mind. They can be also very easy to install, and as mentioned, they do not leave imprint or residue once they are removed.


  1. Unsafe for drivers and passengers


If the car wrap is placed correctly, there is no chance that the driver’s view will be obstructed. The designers of car wraps always keep in mind the safety of passengers and the clients. They designs are created in such way that they do not block the important perspective used by the drivers. And like those car tinting in Dubai, the driver can still see through the wrapped area from the inside of the vehicle.


  1. Not a worthy investment


Some business owners say that it is just a waste of money. But on the contrary, car wraps can be beneficial for their businesses. It is a low-cost advertising tool that can be used to promote your business and building your brand. If your business is fairly new, vehicle in wrap can spread the word to people. The colors of the wrap can also grab attention of passersby and other drivers. They can take note of your contact details, especially if they are provided and etched on the wrap.

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