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How to Enforce Strict Access Control In Your Company


Access problems has been one of the main issues of big and small companies nowadays. Due to careless security lapses, people have been gaining access to places and things that are supposed to be private and confidential. In business, it could mean access to sensitive information or data or trespassing on places they are not allowed to be gain access.

If you are having issues with security breach in your company, you may want to follow these tips.


  • Beef up your security team

Your security team will be the security front liner so be sure to get a team that has experience on handling tight security and has the ability on enforcing them. On the physical ground, you need a team of guards that can man the vicinity and check the perimeter. These guys should have eagle eyes on identifying possible threats in and off the building. On the digital playground, you need an expert to man your data and ensure that security of your digital assets is up to par at all times.


  • Secure your connection

One of the entry points of hacker is the connection or office connectivity. They have a way to get through your system and if they are able to gain access, they will be able to steal files, compromise your operations and wreak havoc on your devices by putting viruses. Prevent this from happening by having a sturdy firewall that would block unauthorized access. It would also be best to manage the devices connected to your system and be strict on using office internet.


  • Provide customized access to employees

The problem with some companies today is that they give all employees similar access to all areas in the building. With this, every employee will be able to gain access to places they are not supposed to. This can be a big risk for a company as employees can have access to whatever is there on the restricted area. Prevent this from happening by fixing the access control system and have a customized access to each employee according to their rank and designation. Access control Dubai companies can provide a customized system that suits your company’s access needs.


  • Do check and balance in your system

Once in a while, you need to have a thorough check whether the security policies that you are implementing is efficient or not. For big companies, the ideal schedule would either be quarterly or semi-annual, depending on the size of the company. Aside from the security check, you need to ensure that security equipment are on tiptop condition. And if there is a need to repairs on your system like replacement or fixing the cabling, scout for structured cabling companies in Dubai that can help you deal with this problem.

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