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Hacks On Planning A Wedding On A Short Notice


Spontaneity is something that some couples possess, and when they decide to have their wedding in a month or less, expect some cramming while on the planning stage. But to lessen the stress of planning a wedding in haste, here are some things you need to do get everything started.

  1. Get a wedding planner

With just a limited time to plan, you need an expert to make it happen with less hassle. Get started by scouting for a wedding planner to help you sort out the details. Once you find one in your area, set an appointment and be direct and straightforward with what you want and as much as possible provide all the details so the wedding planner can get started right away. At the end of the meeting, be sure to finalize the theme, budget, and date.


  1. Create a checklist

Checklist is a must in wedding planning, whether it is on short notice or set in a year. The list will guide you on what are the things that you need to mind when planning for a wedding. You can ask your wedding planner to give you one and update it as you go along the planning stage. You can also create one or get a ready-made checklist on the Internet that can serve as your guide.  If you are creating your own list, have your wedding planner check this so you can be sure that you will not miss a thing.


  1. Book a location ASAP

The problem with weddings in short notice is the location-hunting. With limited time, you need to double-time the location hunting. If this is outdoors like a beach, consult with beach wedding Dubai planner to help you scout for a perfect location. Ask help from friend and relatives and get recommendations. If you find a viable location, book it right away.


  1. Have your wedding permits and license

Planning for a wedding can take up your time that you might forget to process the papers. Let your wedding planner do the dirty and glamorous work so you can process your papers. You might have the whole wedding set up but if your wedding papers is not processed, then all preparations would be futile. So be sure to put this on top of your list.


  1. Help with the small details

Once the wedding papers are processed, you can now go back to planning the wedding. Since your wedding planner is already doing the hard work, you can lessen the load by doing some of the small things on your checklist. Review your checklist and see what are the things you can do to cross out some of the items on the list.


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