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Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Architectural Consultants


Aside from the wealth of experience and legitimacy of business, clients would need to dig deeper when interrogating their prospective architectural firms. If you are on the look for an architectural firm for your project, do not forget to ask these questions:

  1. Based on your requirements, have you worked on similar projects?

Architectural firms probably handled a number of projects, but each client has a unique requirements and needs. You need to know if your prospective architectural firm was able to handle and finish a project closely similar to your requirements. Clients are more comfortable working with an architectural firm that already work on closely similar project since they already have experienced designing structure with comparable requirements and they know the workaround on projects like this.


  1. What makes your team different from other firms who offers similar services

By asking this question, you would know what an architectural firm can bring to the table more than their services. Architectural consultants in Dubai would probably give you their sales pitch on how their firms differ from the other. It is important for you to hear this so you can know what they can do aside from what is expected of them.

  1. Considering the specs, what are the challenges you foresee?

Experienced architectural firms can tell by the specs that you gave on what possible problems they might encounter if they do this project. Some architectural firms refuse to discuss this probably because they don’t have prior experience on handling this kind of project. Architects should be transparent on this so you will know how to make adjustments as well as a client and for you to manage your expectations.


  1. Can you lay down your design process?

This may be a too technical for some clients to understand, but letting the architectural outline their design process would let you know how methodical and systematic they are on doing their work. While you are at it, you can ask them for estimated timeline for the project to see how they will be able to manage and work on their timeline based on your deadline.


  1. Can you give me an estimate costs based on the requirements?

Budget is always a bone of contention between clients and firms and this will continue as the project progressed. But when you are still on the process of scouting for an architectural firm, you can ask their projected costing and budget. Skilled architects can give immediate estimated figures based on the specs and requirements. This would help clients decide on proper allocation of budget. Once an agreement is made, you can ask for a more detailed breakdown.

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